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TeraRanger Tower Advanced Distance Sensors & Solutions for Automation, Robotics and Drones

TeraRanger Tower is the new non-rotating simultaneous multi-axis scanner, capable of replacing traditional lidar scanners. It is ideal for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) and collision avoidance on fast-moving ground and airborne robots. Based on the popular TeraRanger One distance sensor, it is fully eye-safe, has zero moving parts and is totally silent.

  • Based on TeraRanger One the smallest, lightest and fastest distance measurement sensor
  • Fast multi-axis scanning for mapping, SLAM and collision avoidance
  • 100% eye-safe
  • Zero moving parts means silent operation and high reliability
  • Plug and play and simple to use

Toposens GmbH

3D Ultrasound Sensor

Toposens builds innovative 3D sensor technology, which can perceive its surroundings via ultrasound in real-time and provides vision for technical objects, such as robots, autonomous vehicles or IoT systems. The sensor is small, lightweight, energy efficient, precise and robust.

  • First real-time 3D ultrasound sensor worldwide
  • Small, robust, precise and energy efficient
  • Three prototypes for different use cases are ready to be tested
  • Markets: gesture control, collision avoidance, people tracking etc.
  • Development Kit released fall '16

TruPhysics GmbH

TruPhysics Simulation Suite

A robot is only as reliable and intelligent as the software that controls it.
TruPhysics develops Industry 4.0 software solutions to support robotics companies in continuous development process by using a real-time and high-resolution physics simulation of so-called digital twins. The main advantage of the TruPhysics Simulation Suite is that applications can be developed and tested before the real hardware is available.

  • Lower risk of production downtimes caused by control software errors
  • Make robots reliable in collaboration with humans
  • Scalable application development: multiple engineers can develop at the same time, using the same digital twin and thus without danger of harming the expensive hardware